Friday, 30 May 2014

US WW2 Combat engineer platoon

A shorter post just focusing on an American combat engineer platoon. Some minor conversion involved for the trucks - I will identify the manufacturer etc. as I go through the detailed descriptions.

A photo of the overall force: HQ section, two operating squads and a weapons squad:

The HQ section:

The Bazooka guys are Pendraken as is the one with the bangalore torpedo on the command stand. The other figures are Arrowhead Miniatures.The jeep is Arrowhead but I have fitted an MG in the back which is a bit of brass rod and a Pendraken roof top MG. The truck is New Toys Millennium - I removed the bits underneath that connect it to its stand and added some stowage from the Takara bits that come with their models (and a small roll of barbed wire from a large roll I had to do barbed wire fences). The bulldozer is Pendraken and the Sherman dozer is Pithead.

First operating squad:

The figures are all Pendraken except the guys with rifles and they are Arrowhead. The truck is New Toys Millennium but I have cut the back down to make it a flatbed and glued in and painted some sand to make a dump truck. To give variety I have used both standard US engineers, airborne and marine engineers/ pioneers. These are the Pendraken codes:
  • A35: Combat engineers, bangalore torpedo and flamethrower,
  • A57: US Para engineer, mine detector,
  • A58:  US Para engineer, bangalore torpedo,
  • MC21: Pioneer, M2 flamethrower.

Second operating squad:

The only difference for this squad is the truck has been converted as a troop carrier. I added 'seats' as a strip from some plasticard and then the men are from a Pithead M5 half track.

Weapons squad:

The truck is unmodified (except removing the bits for the stand underneath - and for all the trucks I gave them a wash with Agrax Earthshade). The figures are all Pendraken.

A final word on the town. These are 6mm buildings from the TimeCast Southern Europe range. I found someone selling off their old building sets on ebay and bought a few but also got him to paint up and base a larger town for me (and very happy with it).


  1. Sweet looking stuff Steve!

    (like you, I think this scale is the sweet-spot for battle gaming)

  2. Very nice. You made those cheepo plastic trucks look great.