Monday, 26 May 2014

Napoleonic Command bases (1) - Napoelon

Adler 6mm

Here are a few pictures of my Napoleon command base - a bit on the large side but I wanted to give a proper feel for the Imperial 'presence'!

Napoleon is chatting to Davout with some Imperial Guard and other Generals in attendance.


  1. Hi Steven

    Nice work! I'm building armies with Adler 6mm Naps, for Smolensk, Russia, 1812. I'm also planning to do Maloyaroslavets in 10mm as well. My 6mm armies are mostly Adler, but I do have a few Baccus, and even some Heroics & Ros!

    I came to you via TMP, and the links for the command groups. But I'll be definitely be checking more of your posts when time allows. You might find some of my stuff interesting. I hope so! My blog is: