Saturday, 12 September 2015

Russian 152mm / 122mm battery

Recently finished the basing of this unit. The guns and crew are Minifigs and the command, staff and observer stands are Wargame South figures (not the figures now available from Arrowhead but the older figures when they were Wargames South).

I am positive I bought the 152mm guns from Minifigs but they don't have the classic muzzle brake. I guess this means they can be used as 152 or 122mm guns but I am gradually replacing my artillery with Minifigs crews. Although the figures are quite nice they are a bit smaller than the infantry figures from other manufacturers and I also would like the 152mm with the muzzle brake. So now that Pithead do that model I am in the process of replacing this unit and so here it is while I still have in my collection.

Staff stand, command and observer..

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  1. What color did you paint the guns?

  2. I used Vallejo Russian Green (894), then a wash of Games Workshop Agrax Earthshade and then finally some dry brush of the Russian Green to further enhance the detail. I didn't do so for the guns but I will often do a final light dry brush with some Vallejo Green Grey (886) mixed with Russian Green (about 50/50)