Sunday, 13 September 2015

Pimp your Panther - Takara winter Panther

Following on from the article I did on pimping the Tiger 2, I have now tarted up some Takara Panthers in winter white scheme. I recently redid my Takara Stug IIIs but that was more of a complete repaint rather than an enhancement. As I have mentioned in other posts, Takara models have nice detail but often suffer from poor painting and often have no markings on at all.

I added a few bits of track to the turrets (pieces from a Takara versus set), added decals, tidied up the equipment on the vehicle body (which is always painted badly) and then gave it a wash of Games Workshop Agrax Earthshade and some 'mud'. The hole for the turret is sort of hexagonal in shape which I drilled out (size 3 drill) so it is round and so the turret moves easily. With painted items glued with super glue there is a danger the track pieces will come off if the turret is tight and the turret is turned.

Here are some comparisons of before and after. I hope you agree the enhanced version is an improvement over the startlingly white original version. The wash helps tone things down and bring out the details.

Now the full platoon when all done, with markings for 1st SS:

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