Monday, 31 August 2015

Wespe battery

I have had these for ages but as mentioned in some earlier posts I stopped half way through a lot of Germans as I had problems with coverage for the Vallejo Midstone paint. My new pot is fine and so I have been completing things. I have also added foliage camouflage given my recent experience with my Stug company. The model is from Arrowhead (Wargames South still at the time I bought them) and is a lovely little model.

Various shots of the Wespes. I have given them markings for 1st SS-Panzer Division Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler and with the camouflage the aim is for Normandy battles.

 Some views inside the back:

And a close up of the bits of equipment moulded on to the model:

The battery has two Panzer III observer tanks. This is the one without a gun but a fake one added - off centre. The model is a 1/144 Can Do pre painted model and I have given it a wash with Games Workshop Agrax Earthshade and added camouflage.

Finally the staff stand which is a Pendraken set of figures with artillery range finders. The crates and sacks in front are actually 6mm Napoleonic from Perfect Six but are great for 10mm WW2 - you can see an more detailed review I did earlier.

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