Saturday, 12 September 2015

Udarny Strelkovy battalion

I painted most of these a while ago but just enhanced the basing with tufts and finished some of the HQ units. Most of the figures are old Wargames South figures - not the same as the current (and more limited) Arrowhead range. A few Pendraken figures and the 45mm guns are Pithead with a mix of Pithead and Pendraken crew.

Battalion consists of:
  • Battalion HQ
    • Command
    • 2iC
    • battalion Komissar
    • 45mm anti-tank gun platoon
    • anti-tank rifle platoon
    • sapper platoon
  • first Udarny Strelkovy company
    • Command
    • Kommisar
    • 3 plattons of 4 stands each
    • Maksim HMG platoon
  • second Udarny Strelkovy company
    • Command
    • Kommisar
    • 3 plattons of 4 stands each
    • Maksim HMG platoon

First company to the left of the road:

Second company on the right of the road out in front:

Battalion HQ with sapper platoon behind:

Anti-tank rifle platoon:

45mm anti-tank gun platoon:

Some closer shots of some of the stands now..

Maksim HMGs. Old Wargames South figures.

Komissar stand. The Komissar figure is a Pendraken figure with megaphone - I like this figure.

An infantry stand. All old Wargames South figures.

A company command stand, old Wargames South again.

Battalion command. the flag bearer is a Pendraken figure and the flag printed off on to photo paper - I tend to use normal paper now as it can be shaped.

The sapper platoon are a mix of normal figures with crates and odds and ends on the bases to show they are engineers. No-one does a good set of figures for these. Pendraken have a set with a figure with a satchel and one with a flame thrower, but the Russians have the flame throwers in separate units so I am using those figures for different purposes.

45mm gun is a Pithead model with mostly Pendraken crew but a couple of the crouching figures are Pithead.

Anti-tank rifles are again old Wargames South figures.

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  1. Great looking battalion, they could be 15mm :-)