Sunday, 13 September 2015

US 4.2" chemical mortar platoon

Did the mortars a while ago but just added tufts and crates to the bases and now done the command and observer stands so the platoon is finished.

The mortar and crew are Pendraken. The crates on the bases are 6mm Perfect Six - see my review, they are great for 10mm too. The command stand are Arrowhead figures and the observer is an Arrowhead infantry man with a US para radio guy from Pendraken (Pendraken don't seem to have a normal infantry radioman - I see they have a marine one and I am going to see if they are suitable in my next order).

This next bit is not part of the platoon, but as I was doing command stands I realised my M12 platoon was missing the command, observer and staff stand so did those at the same time. The map table here is a large crate which comes unpainted in one of the Takara versus sets. The maps are actual WW2 maps I found on line and scaled down massively and printed off on paper and glued on the table.

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