Thursday, 26 May 2016

28mm Napolenoic "Prussian" Dwarf Landwehr

Several years ago I got some Alternative Armies Flintloque fantasy Napoleonic 28mm figures. The game is a skirmish system based in an alternate reality where the French are Elves, the British are Orcs, the various Germans are Dwarves, the Austrians dogs and the Russian undead. Some of their early figures are really nice, particularly from the boxed scenario sets. I painted a few but did not get round to the rest but now I quite fancy doing some more as you don't need a lot for a game. The first one I did was Colonel Etienne Gerard of the 10th Crown Hussars.

I had bought quite a few which I  mostly got rid of and only keeping the first two boxed sets of rules, scenarios and figures. As I had already started painting a Krautian Dwarf Landwehr standard bearer I kept hold of that and here is the final painted figure. I gave him a flag from the site I use to print off my 6mm Napoleonic flag scaled to suit this figure - warflag

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