Monday, 30 May 2016

US 6 wheeled trucks

I bought some New Millennium Toys models a while back - US M5 halftracks German sd kfz 251 and sd kfz 7 halftracks and an American 6 wheeled truck. I did not know at the time they had holes in the bottom to fix the vehicles on to a plastic display stand. A bit of a pain but it is possible to cut away those pieces. The trucks I gave a wash of Games Workshop Agrax Earthshade to bring out the detail and tone the colours down, cut off the bits from the bottom then based them.

So here is a truck unit of six vehicles:

This is what the trucks started out like and as you can just about see on the finished based version the two pieces sticking out the bottom have been cut away

I also converted a few to make a US engineering platoon which you can check out here

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