Saturday, 28 May 2016

KV 2 platoon

My Russian KV 2 unit uses the Metal troops 1/144 pre-painted models. I have given them a wash with Games Workshop Agrax Earthshade and closed the turret hatch on one but that is all. Metal Troops models are nice but very expensive and very difficult to get hold of now. I managed to get a couple on the way through Hong Kong once then was lucky enough to find three more on ebay for not too bad a price. All they are waiting for is some tank commander figures. Trouble is the only ones I can get at the moment are head and shoulders figures and it really needs a full body figure - like Arrowhead do for US, British and Germans but not Russians!

I have just finished an Arrowhead 1/144 metal kit of the KV 2 and hence I have done a post to compare the two makes - see later, but first some pictures on the Metal Troops models, 2 in green and 3 in winter white.

Now the Arrowhead model against the Metal Troops version. They are very similar but the metal troops model is a big larger on all dimensions, although not by much. The main difference is the surface detail - metal kits do not have as much surface detail cast on to the model as a resin or plastic model.

A quick comparison of the Arrowhead KV 2 with a Takara KV 1. The sizes match up very well indeed.

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