Friday, 13 May 2016

Russian T44/ 85 platoon

I recently did a review of the CDG 3D printed resin kit of the Russian T44 / 85. I have just finished the rest so here is a quick post on a platoon of 5 vehicles (or using Flames of War it would be a company for Russians). Also a tip I forgot to mention in the review.

Just a quick tip I forgot to mention in the original review. As I have mentioned in other posts about CDG models the resin is glass like and liable to shatter when worked on if you are not careful. One thing to watch out for is removing the sprue and the right sort of clippers need to be used as shown below.

Another issue is the hole for the turret as the rod from the turret is normally considerably larger than the hole in the hull. It is easy enough to drill out but it has to be done gradually with successively larger drills so at any time the drill being used is only slightly larger the the current hole size. The Russian T-44 has quite a thin hull compared to other models and a sort of raised ring around the hole on the inside of the model; as the hole has to be made quite a bit bigger this is very easy to shatter and I have found that supporting with milliput around the hole on the inside is a big help to prevent damage due to drilling.

You should be able to see around the edges of the hole on the top of the tank some small pieces have broken off on the edges which just illustrates how easy the resin is to shatter/ break and being too rough in clipping or drilling can cause large pieces to sheer off.

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