Monday, 31 August 2015

Russian SU-12 75mm SPG

I have been wanting this truck mounted Russian 75mm howitzer for ages - I have seen resin kits or resin ready made versions on ebay from Hong Kong but serious expensive and only sold one at a time (so no guarantee I could get a unit even if I wanted to splash out). Pithead finally brought one out a couple of months ago so I got myself some. 

I have glued the gun turret in place in different positions as the gun only sits on the truck in a wobbly sort of way otherwise. Plus to be honest, other than larger tanks, I prefer to glue small turrets in place for gaming (and I don't bother with the rules in FOW about where the turret is pointing as I think that is excessive 'realism' for such abstracted rules).

I could not locate my army book at the time I ordered and got a few too many so I sold the spares on ebay - but the buyer wanted the turret to move so I now have a chance to show you how to approach making the turrets rotate if you so wish (even though I don't!).

First, sorry the colours are a bit weird, I took them on my workbench and the light was not ideal but given what I am trying to show I guess no big deal.

I used my modelling hand drill to drill out the hole in the truck to go right through. I made a similar hole in the bottom of the gun turret and then super glued in a piece of brass rod - sticking out a fair way so that it would be stable when inserted into the truck.

Once done it sits nicely on the truck with out leaning or wobbling. It also then has the desired effect to be able to position the gun as you wish.

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