Thursday, 12 February 2015

British Light Division

I have just completed some of my rather large basing project and this is the first of a few posts I will be doing over the next week.

I still need the 43rd and 3rd Cacadores but my Light Division is nearly done so thought I would share. The Portuguese and Craufurd are not newly based and you can see them in earlier posts (Portuguese and British Commanders). But the British light units are all newly done. I have based the Light Division British on slightly larger bases than I normally use for infantry. While I am aiming to use March Attack rules all of my figures are based for In the Grand Manner (or my scaled down version of the bases sizes). The Holiday Centre had some special rules for the Light Division and the larger basing and I fancied doing that - will also be trying to adapt the special rules for March Attack.

An overall view of the Division:

Kempt's Brigade with 1/95th in front, the 3/95th behind and 1st Cacadores at the back:

A closer shot of the 1/95th which I have made a 40 man unit and used some skirmishing and collector series figures for the front rank:

The 3/95th with the figures marching:

Some shots of Kempt with some collector series Rifles figures on the base with him:

Vandeleur with the 2/95th, 52nd Oxford Light Infantry and the 17th Portuguese regiment in column of march coming up at the rear:

A closer shot of the 52nd:

And Vandeleur, again with a collector series Rifles figure on the base:

Craufurd (wasn't actually alive and commanding the Division by Vittoria, the battle I have used for the basic organisation, but I like the figure and can pretend it is really Alten for scenarios after 1812):

The skirmish screen, a couple of shots of the Rifles and then some Cacadores (don't actually use figures in March Attach but do need them for other rules, but I was planning to use them to show the skirmish screen strength when using March Attack - and to add to the spectacle of the battle):

And a spare figure I had has given me my first British casualty marker:

If you want to easily see all the posts I have done on Napoleonics then check out my Napoleonic Summary page.


  1. Excellent work! Thanks for all the photos as well. I would never realize they were 6mm!

  2. Excellent job Steve.. blooming lethal!

  3. As usual great work. Just starting my son's Brit's for Iberia so good eye candy for him