Sunday, 15 February 2015

Bavarian Infantry Division

Next up from my mammoth basing session is a division of Bavarian infantry. Adler 6mm figures.

They consist of:

  • 2 battalions of 4th regiment;
  • 2 battalions of 5th regiment;
  • 2 battalions of 6th regiment;
  • 1 battalion each of 1st and 3rd Chasseur;
  • some skirmishers
  • a foot battery;
  • General Wrede.

Some close ups of the line infantry. I have used a mix of flag patterns from different years to give some variety as their are no distinct regimental flags. I have always loved seeing Bavarian flags on the game table, even the plain flag just look so good.

Light infantry and skirmishers:

The foot battery:

And finally the command base for General Wrede. I have actually had this for years but until now no troops for him to command!

An easy way to see all my Napoleonic posts is via the Napoleonic Summary page.


  1. I a with you in the flags alright.. Always a are knocking stuff out at the moment.

  2. Well it helps getting figures done by Perfect Six. Also helps with the motivation so basing some stuff that I had waiting ages and with the new varifocals I can actually see them to paint again!

  3. What base sizes are you using for the bavarian foot companies and artillery pieces please. Marvwellous painting keep up the excellent work

    Mark P

  4. The 36 man battalions are on 6 bases, each 18mm by 15mm (32 man units would be 4 bases of 25mm by 15mm). Artillery are on 20mm by 25mm for foot or 20mm square for horse