Thursday, 29 January 2015

Italian heavy tank - Carro Armato P40

I have always fancied getting this tank ever since I saw it in the Flames of War mid war monsters book. I have no other Italians as yet and have no intention of doing the Desert War but will eventually get a small set of vehicles and infantry etc. for the Eastern Front. I have done these in European colours using Vallejo Olive Grey which is a nice paint and covers well (some Vallejo paints do while others cover quite poorly). I have added German crosses as the Germans used quite a few of them in Italy. When I get hold of some Italian decals I will add some Italian armour unit markings - so I can also use on the Eastern Front in what-if scenarios had the Italians still been in the war (with German crosses to help identification).

The vehicles are a resin kit I got on ebay, just over £7 each including postage so not too bad. Model has nice detail


  1. Look like a copy from Atelier infinite?

  2. Not sure if it is a copy or an original. The quality of the casting is good and most copies I have seen on-line look poor. Also the company does all sorts of stuff I have seen nowhere else

  3. The copies I got from TAOBAO most have good quality I think you can get some next time