Sunday, 4 January 2015

Sherman M4A3E8 "Easy Eight" and Thunderbolt VII

I have just finished all the Sherman M4A3E8, Easy Eights, I need. Eight of them is all I need to take up all optional variations in a FOW US Sherman company. I have added bits of stowage from Takara versus sets and as well as the star decals I have added Sherman identification numbers - small decals but adds to the overall effect. The models are Arrowhead 1/144 vehicles.

I decided to do one as Thunderbolt VII, the last tank used by Lt. Col. Creighton Abrams. I added bits on it to make the customizations Abrams had done.

Thunderbolt VII. Extra armor added to the sides of the turret and hull - I cut out of thin plasticard but I used a small round file to roughen up the edges so it looks more like they we cut from a  sheet of metal using a blow torch and welded on.

Shelf added to the back again with plasticard and a jerry can from an F-Toys  kit. Wheel on the side is actually from a resin kit of the Italian P40 tank.

Turret has both the normal machine gun plus an extra  .30 cal machine gun. I drilled out the turret hatch and put in an Arrowhead American tank commander. The turret hatch is a spare one from a Panzer Korps Tiger 1 kit.

I had previously done Abrams in Tunderbolt VI which was an M4A3 76mm.

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