Thursday, 1 January 2015

Pendraken Sherman Jumbo and size comparisons

The last main Sherman variant I need is the Sherman Jumbo. But of the manufacturers I tend to use only Pendraken make one. Pendraken are lovely models with nice detailing but they are 10mm and so smaller than 12mm or 1/144 but also smaller than Pithead which is also 10mm. I therefore use Pendraken for infantry and crew figures (they have a massive range and I love their figures) and for the odd vehicle, generally ones that are not variants of the main tanks (for example, I have the Pendraken M12s which are excellent). 

But for now my only real option is to use the Pendraken Jumbo (I know Minifigs do one but I am not keen on Minifigs as the shape of the vehicles is not always quite right and they have huge amounts of flash to clean up - so I have just given up with them to be honest].

[you may also want to see my more general comparisons of Sherman models]

So some photos of the Jumbos themselves. Hopefully you can see the detailing and equipment that is cast on the model:

Comparison with the 1/144 Arrowhead Easy Eight (M4A3E8 76mm). The Pendraken model is a little shorter in the length but is is mainly the height that is the biggest difference:

And now comparing to the 1/144 Takara M4A3. The difference in length is a bit more noticeable but again it is the difference in height that stands out most:

But on a wargames table when the vehicles are not right next to each other the differences are far less noticeable:

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