Monday, 1 December 2014

WW2 experimental vehicles part 7 - American T28 super heavy tank

I have just finished a couple of American T28 super heavy tanks. These are CDG models and are 3D printed in resin. They take a lot of work to clean up (I will go in to that more in a later post - I am planning a series of manufacturer reviews) and I had to replace the guns; the guns are supposed to be bendy but one gun was brittle and snapped but they didn't really look right anyway.

A weird looking thing but they did actually build it - have a look on Wikipedia to see more about the tank and some photos of the prototype.

Some photos of the two models then a few comparisons.

So, how does it compare to some other late war US tanks. First a super Pershing (does not look so 'super' against the T28 which dwarfs it!):

As you can see here while big it is also quite low:

The Sherman is a tall vehicle and that is shown in this comparison with an M4A3 76mm.

Finally, a comparison with the British version the A39 Tortoise. The American T28 is a similar overall size but a lot wider but also lower.

Not yet based the T28s as I don't have a pre-cut ply base big enough, but even on a base it will still be quite a bit lower than the Tortoise.

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  1. Thats an unusual one alright.. hope it never has to cross a bridge!