Monday, 8 December 2014

US 105mm artillery and trucks

Just finished my 105mm howitzer battery for the Americans. This is a real mix of manufacturers. The guns themselves are Minfigs but their crew are a bit small compared to my infantry (from Arrowhead and Pendraken) so I have used Pendraken crews - as I have said in earlier posts Pendraken are really helpful and will provide any mix of individual figures on request to make up artillery crews. The trucks are Pithead - the GMC 352 105mm artillery tractor; this has just been released and it looks truly excellent. To be honest I was surprised I could be so please with a truck!

The overview of the battery:

Some close ups of the guns and crew:

The staff stand with a makeshift table made from a crate that comes in the Takara versus sets (I forget which one). Map is a print of a real WW2 map found on the internet scaled way down.

And now those lovely trucks:

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