Saturday, 15 November 2014

British Morris 40mm SP Bofors

Some British Morris trucks with 40mm Bofors AA guns. Models are from Pithead.

Because I made most of them with the gun firing to the side I used a wider base to help protect the overhanging gun. So with more empty space on the base I added a figure to those firing to the side. The figure is actually a Russian command figure from Pendraken Russian AA guns - so is handily looking to the sky with binoculars and also looks British when painted as such.


  1. yes, I have some pre-painted 1/144 planes and some kits to do. Also got some laser cut perspex bases with perspex poles. Just need to get them in the pipeline which I will probably do for a particular scenario

  2. Good looking AA asserts and the Ruski looks the part


  3. Love the ones you did for me.