Thursday, 4 December 2014

Marder III and Marder III M

Some more Panzer Korps 1/144 kits - the Marder III and Marder III M.

I have had the Can.Do (that is the pre-painted versions) before but could never get enough for a unit so I sold them. But during a recent trip to the Far East I manage to get hold of quite a few Panzer Korps kits so I can do full platoons. Each kit comes with two vehicles and this set has both a Marder III and Marder III M.

The Marder III I painted in panzer grey. I really like panzer grey when it can be used appropriately and it really suits the Marder III. The kit itself goes together very well and is very nicely detailed

The Marder III M I painted in German sand and green camouflage. Again a nice kit with lovely detail but this is a bit more of a pain to put together, but the effort is certainly worth while.

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