Monday, 25 May 2015

Waterloo buildings part 9 - Ferme du Caillou

Leven brought out their La Belle Alliance recently but I have already got one - the Timecast version (see links at the end of the post). But I decided to get the Leven one anyway as bound to be useful. For some reason I was searching the web for something to do with Waterloo and came across this site:

Waterloo Battlefield

And I thought, while not 100% correct I would paint up the Leven La Belle Alliance to use as Napoleon's last HQ, the  Ferme du Caillou. The shape is right and it is mainly a lack of second story windows at the front but certainly good enough for what is really just a scenic piece. Also my Napoleon stand and an Old Guard grenadier battalion and 12pdr battery I painted. I have really filled out the Guard by getting Richard over at Perfect Six to do some for me - I love his stuff as it matches so well with mine and means I can expand my armies quicker than my rather sporadic progress. I will be doing a post on the Guard infantry later this week.

The Waterloo buildings I have done so far are:

Quatre Bras
La Belle Alliance
La Haie (La Haye)
La Haye Sainte
Hougoumont (version 1)

and here is a tutorial for painting Waterloo farms, and a tutorial for painting roofs.

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