Monday, 25 May 2015

Joseph Stalin III tank (JS-3 / IS-3)

While I was at my childhood home visiting family a couple of weeks ago I popped into Pendraken for a visit to see their factory unit and pick up a few things. Fascinating place and was nice to see where all the little guys come from and have a chat with Leon about what is involved.

I had seen in the new releases that the JS-3 was out and given Flames of War are bringing a Berlin book out soon I was keen to get a company. Seems probable that the JS-3 didn't actually see action but was in the victory parade and could easily have made the last few days so I will definitely be using them (and will develop rules for it if not included in the FOW book, although I note that FOW have rules for it in the Arab-Israeli section). The model looked nicely detailed when I saw the pictures on the Pendraken Forum and I was not disappointed when I got my grubby hands on them. Not done much WW2 for a while as I have had a big push on Waterloo farms but couldn't resist doing these as soon as I got back home.

This one has a couple of bits of track added to the front - these are plastic bits that come with Takara versus sets (KV1 / Panzer IV in this case). Track cut to a suitable size then glued on.

Very nice detail on the model.

The buildings are actually 6mm Time Cast Stalingrad apartment buildings, but are sufficiently generic for Berlin.

Some size comparisons below with a 1/144 Takara JS-2.

Overall in terms of general size the Pendraken model is very similar other than on height. I have pointed out in other posts that Pendraken track units/ suspension are generally lower than other models so they will always sit a bit lower than other makes.

I always base my metal models to protect them as much as anything and so I have shown the comparison with the Takara tank without base and then sat on a base. With no base the JS-3 is a bit too high compared to the JS-2, but when both on bases it is a bit too low. But the differences are slight and unless the vehicles are very close and you are looking from table level this will not be noticeable in a game.

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