Monday, 25 May 2015

Waterloo buildings part 8 - Fichermont farm

Leven just do the chateaux so I had to make up what the rest looks like with suitable Leven buildings. While there is an example on the Leven site that someone has done I wanted something different as I was still looking for a white washed effect. As I was pondering TBM brought out their Waterloo range which gave me a bit of inspiration. Took some cutting up of some of the buildings from the Leven La Haye Sainte and one of the Mont Saint Jean buildings but I am happy with the end result.

Buildings used are, starting in bottom right corner and going anti-clockwise:
  • Fichermont Chateaux (two separate buildings that fit into each other);
  • Part of the L-shape barn from La Haye Sainte, cut just after the L after the first door on that side;
  • Small house from Mont St Jean farm;
  • Rest of the La Haye Saint L-shaped barn;
  • La Haye Sainte big barn, but the lean-to has been cut off the right side and then glue on the left (so it is outside the farm);
  • Small gate which is a special request from Leven (a slightly modified version of the one that comes with Mont St Jean).

The best view of the hedges around the corner of the chateaux.

Not sure how clear it is but a close up to try and show the different effect on the chateaux - dry brushing on stone grey (Vallejo 884)  before the white and then letting some of it show through.

Chateaux looks nice all round  but the inner corner is particularly nice - also showing the Adler cannon wheel that is a feature of all my Waterloo farms.

And a PerfectSix large barrel.

A few photos with some troops in the building. For a change I have put a French battalion assuming they have just captured the place!

The Waterloo buildings I have done so far are:

Quatre Bras
La Belle Alliance
La Haie (La Haye)
La Haye Sainte
Hougoumont (version 1)

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