Saturday, 15 November 2014

Sherman DWG (Deep Wading Gear) - British platoon

I have just finished another unit ready for D-Day scenarios, a platoon of British Sherman DWG (Deep Wading Gear). These are resin kits from Gramodels (see manufacturer page). Gramodels are 1/150 scale and so are a bit smaller than my 1/144 vehicles but fit in well with 10mm. Since I generally use the same manufacturer for the same variants, and within a unit, it all works out well on a wargames table.

The commander figure is part of the turret casting, but with a bit of work I guess it could be removed if they were to be used for a US unit.

Gramodels do some standard vehicles but also some more unusual ones. Their British range is the most extensive and I have a lot of engineering type vehicles from Gramodels.

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  1. Looking good, nice to see some more unusual stuff.