Sunday, 3 August 2014

WW2 Russian transport

Here is a selection of my Russian transport vehicles so far...

Pithead Gaz AAA Quad Maxim:

Pithead Gaz radio truck:

Pendraken ZIS 42 halftrack truck:

Pithead ZIS Truck (it is actually the one that comes with the 12.7mm AA MG but I am doing that as removable and a figure base to switch it between - but not done yet):

Pithead Russian White Scout Car (the same model as the Western Allies but if you get the one from the Russian list then the crew are in Russian uniforms). I really like this model whichever nationality/ paint scheme:

Russian GPA amphibious jeep - I have 4 more of these partly done, I think this is a lovely little model:

Most of the above are Pithead. Pithead make a huge range of different trucks, including even the minor countries, and they are also great value as well as being really nice models.

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  1. Super cool. Love the scout cars and the amphibious jeeps. I need to get some of those.