Sunday, 10 August 2014

US WW2 Armored infantry company

My US armored infantry company, deploying in bocage with the support of an M8 Scott platoon. The ground has been fought over before as shown by the burning vehicles!

The halftracks are New Millennium Toys. I have removed the bit underneath between the wheels and tracks (part of the stand), repainted and added new decals as well as replacing the main MG with a metal Pendraken one. Most of the infantry figures are Arrowhead (or rather when they were Wargames South - they only have a very limited range of infantry available now), the exception is the standing up firing bazooka guy which is Pendraken.

The LMG stands are also Arrowhead:

As it the jeep with officer stood next to it:

The platoon anti-tank guns (37mm) are Pendraken with Pendraken crew:

The supporting M8 Scott 75mm self-propelled artillery are from Arrowhead:

And finally the bailed out crew figures are Pendraken (actually from the US Marine range):

You can see more about the destroyed vehicle markers in my earlier post here.

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