Saturday, 19 July 2014

Russian SP guns part 1 of 2

A couple of posts on my Russian SP guns. These are all Arrowhead Miniatures and then next will be Takara models.

So, three types of self-propelled guns: five of the SU 100, three of the converted Panzer III or  SU 76i, and at the back five of the more usual SU 76. As noted above, these are all Arrowhead and as with all my metal vehicles I have based them.

Some close-ups of the Russian conversion of the Panzer III to make the SU 76i assault gun. The commander figure is from Pithead. I really like these Pithead crew as they come with the hatches as part of the figure and so can be easily added to an already painted vehicles and no messing about - just stick them on top. Tank numbers are painted on - this is before I found the various decals available, but I like the effect anyway.

Now the more famous SU 76 or "little bitch":

And finally the powerful SU 100. Not got any SU 85s yet, which may be a project for the future. Crewman again Pithead.

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