Sunday, 13 July 2014

British WW2 artillery - part 1, Sextons

The first of my British artillery posts is a self propelled field artillery battery with two troops - 8 Sextons in total. The Sextons are one of the few Minifigs models I have kept hold of - and other than the general problem with Minifigs that they need a lot of cleaning up of cast lines etc. they are actually a nice model.

Some close-ups of the Sextons:

The OP Sherman and artillery observer teams (figures are Arrowhead, although I think the radio operator in the top picture may be Pendraken):

The command stands. Figures are arrowhead although the map table is Pendraken (and the map is hand painted as a map was part of the casting - if the table is bare then I print off a really scaled down version of an actual WW2 campaign map). The 15 cwt truck is Pithead and the White Scout car is Pendraken (I prefer the Pithead one and I use that generally but I use the couple of Pendraken ones I have for the command vehicles for my artillery units).

All the buildings are TimeCast 6mm.

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  1. This just reminded me how much I need Sextons and white scout cars. Love the staff team.