Saturday, 19 July 2014

British Anti-Tank units

A couple of British anti-tank platoons. Archers and 17pdrs. To note that the Archer is an strange vehicle as the gun actually faces backwards hence as shown the Archers are actually travelling down the road on the photo and not pulling back!

The 17pdrs are Arrowhead Miniatures. The kits come with 4 crew so I have added an additional crew figure using infantry officers, also from Arrowhead. The guns are sat behind FOW sandbag entrenchment markers - I have repainted and then given the sandbags a wash and a dry brush; they work very nicely with 10mm. 

The Archers are Pendraken with decals added (see my post on decals). The vehicles below have now deployed ready to hold off the Germans.

And some close-ups:

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