Sunday, 18 October 2015

My latest Kickstarter activity: board games

Update on my Kickstarter activity since my previous post.

Well, I ended up backing both Gloomhaven and The Others: 7 Sins. Very different Kickstarter experiences.

For Gloomhaven it was all about getting a game developed and stretch goals that improved the content and quality as the funding increased. Not an exiting experience as a Kickstarter but the game looks good and despite not being quite the sort of thing I normally like I just liked the various mechanics too much and having Isaac Childres' first game I know I like the way his games play.

For The Others: 7 Sins a totally different approach and experience. It was quite obvious that the game would have been made anyway and had been pretty much developed. The stretch goals were all about adding extra things like expansion boxes that will be sold separately and some exclusive things rather than adding to the core game. Lots of add-ons too; while cheaper than retail, not by much and adds a lot to the overall cost - you don't have to buy but just too tempting! So the basic pledge of $100 was worth about £305 retail. I have not liked Kickstarter projects with lots of add-ons but not too many here just not cheap and all expansions and so add to the game possibilities. It was quite an experience in itself seeing new stretch goals appear and the basic pledge increase and increase.

I have since backed a few other things, currently live - all a bit more like Gloomhaven in terms of the Kickstarter experience i.e. it is all about getting the game out and enhancing it.

A cheap filler game that looks really interesting: Kodama

A cracking looking game from Jamey Stegmaier: Scythe

And finally one that I have thought about as not exactly what I am looking for but looks a really well crafted game in terms of how it plays (and looks nice): 7th Continent

The only problem now is that the first of all these games is at least 6 months before I get my hands on it! I guess if I back things regularly though that things will start arriving regularly but to do that I would need to shift my game buying to be mainly Kickstarter and not sure yet I want to do that.

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