Thursday, 1 October 2015

Italian L6/40 light tank and Semovente L40 47/32

Another couple of platoons for my small Italian force. Four L6/40 light tanks and three Semovente L40 47/32. All painted for action in Russia.

The models and decals are from Pithead. You can see an earlier post where I reviewed the decals.

I bought the fourth L6/40 after the others and at that point Pithead had brought out a stowage pack for certain tanks - bits of clutter and a crew man for the tank. The Italian light tank is a bit small to add stowage but the crew man helps identify the command tank.

The crew for the Semovente were wearing tropical hats for North Africa so I filed them down a bit and made it into a helmet with milliput. Photo of original crew head gear below:

So to the completed tanks...

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