Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Pershing platoon

I have been waiting for someone to do Pershings for a while as I did not fancy getting Minifigs or expensive resin models. Pithead brought out a 10mm metal model a few months back and I have finally finished them.

I added a roof top MG from Pendraken and the decals include the id number along the side (bit fiddly but good sharp decals and certainly helps the final effect. Check out my post on decals). In the background is a resin Super Pershing (you can see it in an earlier post, I have now based it though) and at the end I will do some comparisons.

The turret has quite a small rod to go into the hull and I did replace one with a longer piece of brass rod but it is a bit of a delicate operation as there is not much to drill into and there is the risk it ends up off centre. But actually even through it does not look much the turret does sit safely on the hull and unless you are very rough in picking up on the games table it will not fall off in use so I just stuck with the turret as it came for the other 4. You can see what I mean in the shots below.

Now some comparisons to the resin Super Pershing. The Pithead model compares well in terms of size given it is 10mm and the resin kit is 1/144. The overall hull size is very close and just slightly lower overall than the resin kit but nothing very noticeable. The resin kit is much more detailed but then it costs about £16 before any postage so at less than £4 the Pithead model is definitely the way to go for the standard tank as far as I am concerned.

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