Sunday, 15 November 2015

British Congreve rocket unit

I have a huge pile of things to bases for Napoleonics - both my stuff, some repaints of eBay purchases and a load of things from Perfect Six (who has been a big boon on helping my armies along given the amount of 10mm WW2 I have to do). I am about to have my winter break - hate doing things when it gets too dark and cold - but decided to do this final Napoleonic item before I stop.

Everything is from the Adler 6mm congreve rocket pack.

The figures and horses were painted by Perfect Six. I made and painted the rockets and painted the two carts. I have just now finished basing it all up. I decided to do it as a diorama type base with everything on it rather than artillery bases for the two rockets and then basing the horses and carts separately. Basically because it is a single unit not one of many and the chances are the horses and carts would never see the light of day on the table otherwise (I don't use limbers on the game table).

In real life the horses would be much further back but it has to be a reasonable size for the games table - plus if you took into account gaming ground scale they are probably miles away!

[click on the photos for larger versions]

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