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Review - Perfect Six Scenics sacks and crates

If you have been following my Waterloo buildings posts you will already have seen the barrels I have been using for adding a bit of detail to the models. They were the first things Richard over at Perfect Six made as scenic items. The initial batch were resin but they are produced now in metal and crates and sacks will soon be available with more things on the way. Here is the web site:

Perfect Six Scenics web site

I have some of the crates and sacks to review and will go through the painting process and how I have used some of the finished items.

All the items come in a variety of sizes, or in the case of sacks a variety of groups of sacks. I washed the items then cleaned up - which just means taking a few very small lumps off the bottom; barrels currently come in a strip and have to be cut off but Richard also sells flush side cutters (I have had some of these for a while and useful for all sorts of things when a cut close to a model is needed). I then stuck on plasticard (some off-cuts) with a small blob of white PVA glue. I used some old PVA that has gone a bit thick so not very good for basing figures but great for gluing things ready for painting or onto finished model bases.

Next a quick spray with a Tamiya primer spray (light grey)

Then the base colours: Khaki Grey (Vallejo 880) for the sacks, US field drab (Vallejo 873) for the crates, US dark green (Vallejo 893) for the two small square crates, and Games Workshop Mournfang Brown for the barrels.

Then everything had a wash in Games Workshop Agrax Earthshade.

The to finish off:
  • barrels dry brushed with Mournfang Brown then some of the highlights painted with some of the brown lightened a bit with Ushabti Bone;
  • crates dry brushed with US field drab or the raised detail painted for the US dark green ones (as so small better to paint than dry brush);
  • sacks a dry brush in Khaki Grey then again with the Khaki Grey lightened with Khaki (Vallejo 988). The open sack I did as potatoes so painted the raised detail in the opening in neat Khaki then a few spots with Khaki lightened with white.
This is what they look like, although to be honest it is hard to see the real effect until they are put on a model.

I added some sacks to my previous finished models of Papelotte and La Haye Sainte (both 6mm Leven). I also put an extra barrel and a crate in Papelotte.

So Papelotte first:

Two types of the sack groups and a low wide crate sat by the big barn door. A couple of sacks showing potatoes over on the left and next picture a close up:

A newly added barrel and a sack pile on the other side of the courtyard:

A couple of sack groups added in La Haye Sainte main courtyard:

Then one with the open sack and potatoes on view by the little hut in the rear garden:

For a proper look at the two farms before I added the new sacks etc. but with the extension bits I added that are not part of the model as sold see my original posts:


La Haye Sainte

I put the small barrel and the little crates on some French Guard 12 pdr bases and a artillery commander base:

Some cannon ball stacks are due out from Perfect Six some time later and these will be nice additions to artillery bases too.

I put some of the crates in a 10mm Russian WW2 truck (Pendraken Zis 42):


Barrels are currently available and as I use in every farm I do there is no surprise I really like them. Very clean casting and easy to paint and fit nicely in to 6mm scale items. The range of sizes is good too. The bigger barrels are easily usable for 10mm.

I love the sacks. They are very nicely done and again very clean casting. The range of groups provides a good mix and the open sacks are a nice touch (you could choose other items to paint as the contents and not just potatoes!). Easy to use quite a few sack groups on the base of a large farm.

Crates are nice. I will make more use in urban building settings. Again nice casting and fit in well with the scale. They are also great for WW2 10mm - you can get 10mm crates from Pendraken and 1/144 in Takara (bits included with some of their models), but  Perfect Six offer a wider variety of sizes particularly smaller ones which just add that extra touch to vehicles (in trucks or on the back of tanks). The small square crate can easily be added to some 6mm figure bases - even more options to do that if you use the rules with the very big battalion bases.

So very impressed and keen to see more items joining the range.

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  1. Great work and these really add that something extra to the buildings and vehicles:)